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HELP! [Sep. 29th, 2006|08:49 am]
Advice & Support for long distance couples


[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year come Oct 7th. We live 1100 miles apart. We see each other every 2 months for about 3 weeks at a time.

My boyfriend suffers depression badly. And it seems like the littlest thing will set him off. He's always talking about how he's nothing, and how he will never ammount to anything. This aggervates me to the core.

It's really taking a toll on our relationship, I love him very much but it's like I can't take it anymore. Now my phone will ring and it's him, and I'm like UGH! because I know instead of our normal conversations of laughter and hope. It's going to be nothing but despair and depression.

HELP ME!! please if anyone has any advice on how to get over this hump Im open to and will try anything.

We're extremely communicative and I've told him all of this, it just seems to not make a difference.

Thank you in advance.

[User Picture]From: betterthansushi
2006-09-30 05:32 am (UTC)
this is something he must get help for. If you've talked to him about it, told him how you felt... and he can't help still doing it? That's no good. he has to know its taking a toll on you... and that you want for him to get help. Dreading his calls isnt good! Especially when you are long distance, you don't need the extra aggrivation of MORE issues than the long distance itself. These relationships are tough. Me myself... being one of the co-creators of this group, I don't even believe in them anymore! (my ex, who started this community.. and i broke up in November. That was when i said "no more... not for me.") I don't believe theyre totally impossible for other people, but you don't need the extra aggrivations of his depression... you dont want for it to bring you down. make sure youre not staying with him solely for the fact that you dont want to depress him further, thats not good for either of you...
make sure he takes care of this problem, or you may need to get out of this...
good luck!
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